Sets up the .Rmd file for a data-driven cv in current working directory. Also adds css file for current CV so style can be custommized.

  full_name = "Sarah Arcos",
  data_location = system.file("sample_data/", package = "datadrivencv"),
  pdf_location = "",
  html_location = "",
  source_location = "",
  which_files = "all",
  output_dir = getwd(),
  create_output_dir = FALSE,
  use_network_logo = TRUE,
  open_files = TRUE



Your full name, used in title of document and header


Path of the spreadsheets holding all your data. This can be either a URL to a google sheet with multiple sheets containing the four data types or a path to a folder containing four .csvs with the neccesary data. See use_csv_data_storage() for help setting up these .csvs.


What location will the PDF of this CV be hosted at?


What location will the HTML version of this CV be hosted at?


Where is the code to build your CV hosted?


What files should be placed? Takes a vector of possible values c("cv.rmd", "dd_cv.css", "render_cv.r", "cv_printing_functions.r") or "all" for everything. This can be used to incrementally update the printing functions or CSS without loosing customizations you've made to other files.


Where should the files be placed? Defaults to your current working directory


If the requested output directory is missing should it be created?


Should logo be an interactive network based on your CV data? Note that this uses the function build_network_logo() so will introduce a dependency on this package.


Should the added files be opened after creation?


cv.rmd, dd_cv.css, render_cv.r, and cv_printing_functions.r written to the current working directory.


# Make a temp directory for placing files # This would be a real location for a typical situation temp_dir <- fs::dir_create(fs::path(tempdir(), "my_cv")) use_datadriven_cv( full_name = "Nick Strayer", data_location = "", pdf_location = "", html_location = "", source_location = "", output_dir = temp_dir, open_files = FALSE ) # Files should be where they were requested list.files(temp_dir)
#> [1] "cv_printing_functions.r" "cv.rmd" #> [3] "dd_cv.css" "render_cv.r"