I am a super serious person Biking down the coast of California Billings Library, UVM

I am a graduate student pursuing a PhD in biostatistics at Vanderbilt University. Recently (May '15), I graduated from the University of Vermont where I majored in mathematics and statistics and minored in computer science.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I have been extremely lucky to work in many different realms, including as a Journalist at the New York Times, data scientist at Dealer.com in Vermont, and as a "data artist in residence" at tech startup Conduce in California.

I like data. Manipulating it, making it (simulation), visualizing it and yes, even cleaning it. I do these things with some combination of R, Python and Javascript (d3.js in particular).

My current research interests include: statistical genetics, data visualization and scientific communication.

When I am not in "school mode" I love to bike places, read science fiction and look at cool buildings.

The curve at the begining of this page is the beautiful log-normal distribution with mu fixed at 0.5 and theta varying between .1 and .9.

Have a fantastic day!



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I am always interested in getting involved in new projects or just connecting with others. Feel free to get in touch!

email: n.strayer (at) vanderbilt (dot) edu

twitter: @NicholasStrayer

github: nstrayer

The Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory I am a super serious person I am a super serious person