I am a super serious person Biking down the coast of California Billings Library, UVM

I have been extremely lucky to work in many different realms, including as a Journalist at the New York Times, data scientist at the Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab and Dealer.com in Vermont, "data artist in residence" at tech startup Conduce in California. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in biostatistics at Vanderbilt University where my research focuses on deep learning with medical data. Recently (May '15), I graduated from the University of Vermont where I majored in mathematics and statistics and minored in computer science.

I like data. Manipulating it, modeling it, making it (simulation), visualizing it and yes, even cleaning it. I do these things with some combination of R, Python and Javascript (d3.js in particular). Most recently I have been fascinated with conveying complex statistical topics and methods using intuitive and interactive graphics.

My current research interests include: visualizing latent spaces in deep learning, data/model visualization and scientific communication. If you want to read about me and my pursuits in a more eloquently written form, I was recently profiled by my alma mater.

When I am not in "school mode" I love to bike places, read science fiction and wander around gardens/musuems.

The plot and animation at the top of this page is the log-normal distribution over a few different values of alpha and beta plotted using points that are drawn to their positions on the page by electrostatic-like forces. Your mouse acts as an oppositely charged magnet. There is no real statistical benefit from this, it just looks cool. If you are so inclined, here's the code used to produce the visualization using d3.

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Below is a sampling of the things I have done related to data science and visualization. I also regularly blog at my site LiveFreeOrDichotomize which most likely has more up to date info than this list.


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I am always interested in getting involved in new projects or just connecting with others. Feel free to get in touch!

email: n.strayer (at) vanderbilt (dot) edu

twitter: @NicholasStrayer

github: nstrayer

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